Save up to 40% off your energy bills*

A fully funded way to save money on your heating, electricity and water bills. A fully funded way to save money on your heating, electricity and water bills.

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Why the Energy Reduction Incentive?

Do you want to save money on your heating, electricity and water bills? Do you want to protect yourself from the constant rise of energy prices? Then the Energy Reduction Incentive is right for you.

  • Save £1,000’s off your energy bills*
  • A fully funded solution, therefore no out of pocket expenses
  • Receive modern, proven and relevant energy saving technology
  • Free, no-obligation Home Energy Assessment
  • Your ERI system or products are covered by warranties and guarantees

Join the Energy Reduction Incentive to reduce your heating, electricty and water bills. The sooner you start making changes, the greater your savings will be.


Heating accounts for about 60% of what you spend in a year on energy bills.

Source: Energy Saving Trust

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Can we help you?

We’ve compiled a list of questions that we get asked the most, see the answers as explained by our ERI energy reduction experts.

Why is funding only available to homeowners?

Funding is only available to homeowners because improvements and or alterations are made to the building, therefore it is a condition of the proposal that the applicant is the homeowner.

What do you mean by ‘no upfront cost’?

This is not free but funded. A large financial institution will give you the funding and you will use the savings you make on your energy bills to pay towards the funding repayments, this will take up to 10 years. Then the remainder of the energy savings goes in your pocket! Simply put, rather than paying your energy provider more and more money each year, you're repaying the fund at a very low rate and benefiting financially yourselves.

What energy reduction products do you install?

There are three main areas that we focus on; heating, electricity and water. We have a wide variety of energy reduction products that we install depending on the suitability of your property, as an example; a certain product ERI can install can save you up to £300* on your gas/water bill! Every home has the ability to save on energy, therefore it is very rare that we are unable to help reduce your bills. The most 'perfect' properties will run a combi boiler or system boiler and have a modern central heating system installed with more than six radiators. Our free Home Energy Assessment will reveal which products are right for you and your home.

Will I receive a guarantee?

Yes, your ERI system or products will come with warranties and guarantees. The ERI Consultant that assesses your home will discuss this with you.

Am I eligible for funding?

In order to be eligible for the funding, you MUST be the homeowner. You must also be in employment or receiving a pension or disability allowance. Use our Funding Checker Tool above to find out if your area is eligible. If it is, book your free Home Energy Assessment where an ERI Consultant will assess your home and apply for the funding. If you have a bad credit rating then you may struggle to get approval.

How much can I save?

We have helped many people save £1,000’s off their energy bills. We can‘t tell you for sure until one of our ERI Consultants assesses your property to create a Savings Report tailored to your home.

Questions? Call the ERI team on 01638 565510. Monday to Thursday 10am - 7pm and Fridays 10am to 5:30pm.


The projected price rise is £363 if a home does not invest in energy reduction technology.

Source: ofGem

Check your eligibility for funding today >

Happy Customers

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    The best thing about ERI is that there is no upfront cost and my new bills are making me smile for a change.

    Chris 45, from Manchester UK

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    At first I wasn't sure how ERI could help me, but after the free Home Energy Assessment I found out that I was in fact eligible and could save even more money on my energy bills than I first thought!

    Kevin 56, from Kent UK

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    My energy bills were growing bigger and bigger, now they're getting smaller and smaller! Thank you ERI, I’ve referred you to friends and family who also pass on their thanks!

    Becky 36, from Sheffield UK


We help reduce your energy bills saving you £1,000's.

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Find out if you are eligible to receive funding by using our Funding Checker Tool. Then arrange your free Home Energy Assessment to discover how much money YOUR home can save with your bespoke savings report!


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